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Own Your Choices Own Your Life

Apr 30, 2020

130: Untying the Knots of Divorce with Marisa Lupo


In this episode I am speaking with Marisa Lupo, of Marisa Lupo Coaching.

Marisa is a certified life coach who has mastered strategies that empower women in her private practice to cultivate an authentic life overflowing with love, meaning, and passion. Graduating with a degree in business management, she quickly became a successful real estate investor of over 15 years. After having checked all the boxes that she thought were going to lead her to the happiness she craved, something deep within her was still missing. Unfulfilled with purpose she left her career to follow a life of meaning. Purpose emerged through her most difficult time; an entangled divorce with two children, a very opinionated Italian family, without much support from those closest to her. She developed the tools and strategies to untie the knots of divorce that bound her and started living a life of freedom. The fire that blazes within her is her deepest desire to help stop the suffering, stop living a checklist life, and start living a life of authenticity. In her coaching she guides women through untying the knots and teaches them how to emerge into their highest self.


Marisa is an author in the upcoming collaborative book, Own Your Choices.  I am so grateful to have linked arms with Marisa.  Her story will bring tears to your eyes and touch your heart!


In this episode, we discuss:

  1. We are all breaking generational chains by choosing something different for our life. It isn’t easy.  It is necessary to create a massive change in our lives that we are all capable of creating.
  2. Learning how to let go of the shame and guilt of our stories is truly the most freeing feeling in the world.
  3. Without ownership, nothing can change, ever.
  4. All roads lead to healing and when we must put our healing as a top priority.


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About me –

Marsha Vanwynsberghe — Author, Speaker, and Life Coach

Marsha is the 6-time Bestselling Author of “When She Stopped Asking Why”.  She shares her lessons as a parent who dealt with teen substance abuse far past the level of normal experimentation.

Through her programs, coaching, and live events for women, Marsha is on a mission to teach you how to “Own Your Choices” in your own life.  She teaches women how to own their stories, lead themselves, and pay it forward to others by creating businesses that serve, support, and impact others.